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futuregenius's Journal

Little Brain Child
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“Yes just like a robot. Facts. Calculations. Little brain child, all brain and no heart!”

Welcome to futuregenius, a community all about everyone's favourite genius, Zoe Heriot.

"Can we keep her? She's much prettier than a computer."

Gen, het and slash fanfic as well as art, videos, discussion, links, etc. are all welcome as long as it's at least remotely related to Zoe. Discussion of Wendy's other roles, etc. is also welcome, but please not RPF or gossip about her personal life. Thanks!

"Lesson 17!"

A few rules:

Trolls and spam will not be tolerated. Trolls will be booted and banned with extreme prejudice. Spam/Spammers will suffer the same fate.

General Doctor Who converation is to be taken to the appropriate venues (i.e. doctorwho).

Like all fan comms, we welcome fanart, icons, fan fictions, etc.

Images larger than 200x200, including fanarts, must be placed behind an LJ-CUT. If you post icons, no more than three outside of an LJ-CUT, please.

" Will I ever see you again?"

If you'd like to suggest a website or link your fiction, fanart, icons, etc. in our Community bio, let us know! You can contact me here fantom_fan or just post on the comm itself.

blowing up computers, defeating karkuses, doctor who, sparkly catsuits, wendy padbury, zoe heriot